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Investing in Debt

When is debt worth investing in?

Feb 27, 2024
Assessing Yield, Cash on Cash, and IRR What Is Debt-based Investment ? Debt-based investments can offer stable and predictable income streams. By investing in a company or gov
Commodities as an Asset Class

Commodities as an Asset Class

Feb 05, 2024
What Are Commodities? Commodities are the fundamental building blocks for the goods humans consume on a daily basis such as gas, corn, wheat and sugar. These can be further categ
Angel Investment

Angel Investing: A Guide to Investing in Early-Stage Venture

Jan 09, 2024
An Angel investor is defined as an high net wealth individual (HWNI) who provides financial backing to a start-up founded by an entrepreneur, mostly for ownership equity in the
Low-Risk Fixed Income Investing

Expert Guidance for Low-Risk Fixed Income Investing

Dec 27, 2023
Investing for many people can be intimidating and confusing. This article will provide a basic overview of how to start investing, what are the safest types of investments, and why
small capital investing

How to Start Investing with Small Capital & Sharia-Compliant

Dec 17, 2023
Sharia-Compliant investing, also known as Islamic Finance, adheres to principles outlined in the Quran and Hadith. It avoids practices such as interest (riba), unreasonable un
Howard Marks

Howard Marks: A Legend in Investing and Distressed Debt Strategy

Aug 10, 2023
Who is Howard Marks? In the world of finance, few names resonate as strongly as Howard Marks. A revered investor and writer, Marks' profound insights and disciplined approach
Halal Investment

What is Halal Investing?

Jul 31, 2023
Halal means anything permitted by Shariah i.e., lawful. Halal investing, therefore, is putting money to work for some time with the expectation of a return, on something permi
Gold as asset class

Gold Vs. Other Asset Classes: Comparing Returns & Risks

Jul 31, 2023
Overview of Gold Investment Gold has been a highly sought-after asset class for centuries, renowned for its beauty, scarcity, and enduring value. It has been used as a medium of e
 YIELD, IRR, and Cash on Cash Return

Understanding YIELD, IRR, and Cash on Cash Return: Which Metric to Use for Evaluating Investment Opportunities?

Jul 27, 2023
Investor’s mindsetTo evaluate potential investment opportunities strategically, one must think like an investor. To assess an investment's viability and possible returns, investors

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