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Earn regular income. Up to 15% per year.

Sharia compliant investing in small business finance.

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Balanced Auto-investing
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13%-15% p.a.
Finance a range of creditworthy businesses to build a balanced portfolio. We’ll only allocate 10% or less of your total portfolio to any one business.
Receive and reinvest your monthly repayments to increase your returns up to 15% per year.
Balanced Auto-investing aims is to achieve the highest possible returns from the available opportunities whilst diversifying your risk.
Conservative Auto-investing
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10.4%-13% p.a.
Your funds will only be allocated to businesses that are backed by a government guarantee or physical collateral.
Receive and reinvest your monthly repayments to increase your returns up to 11.7% per year.
Conservative Auto-investing is ideal for a risk-averse investor whose priority is capital preservation.
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Investing with Funding Souq
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Target Net Returns 15% p.a 8% p.a 9.4% p.a 6% p.a
Time to Double Your Investment 4.8 Years 9 Years 7.7 Years 12 Years
Regular Monthly Income
Low Correlation to Other Asset Classes
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Shariah Compliance
At Funding Souq, our core values revolve around offering investment and borrowing opportunities that align with the principles of Shariah. We attained our certification from Dar Al Sharia which is a subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank. To ensure our commitment to these principles, our in-house Sharia Supervisory Board diligently evaluates each investment opportunity, conducting regular reviews of our processes. For more details, you can access our certificate by clicking here.
Supporting Local SMEs
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Working in the diesel trading industry requires continuous maintenance of our premises to ensure safety of our operations. In the pandemic our cashflows got affected and we reached out to Funding Souq. The team was very quick and transparent in responding to our needs.

Arbab Kamal Ahmad,CEO

Shining Star Diesel
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Our vision is to expand and provide logistic services all around the world. For our UAE operations, Funding Souq has been a reliable funding partner as they quickly acted on our finance need. I look forward to working with Funding Souq in the future again.

Freight Move Logistics,CEO

Tinil Mukkalitharayil Markose
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This is the third time we borrow from Funding Souq and overall the experience has been positive. The funds helped us secure a large project that really moved the needle for our company.

Pansoft Technologies,CEO

Mohammed Nazim Shaikh
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