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    Regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority

Invest and Grow

Investors can achieve up to 26% APY by financing Sharia-compliant businesses.

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Invest and Grow

Investors can achieve up to 26% APY by financing Sharia-compliant businesses.

  • personaliseYourRisk

    Short investment horizons with monthly repayments

  • getMonthlyRepayments

    Minimum investment amount

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    Regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority

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Investing with Funding Souq
Private Finance
with Funding Souq
Real Estate
Stock Market
High Yield Sukuk or Bonds
Target Net Returns 15% p.a 8% p.a 9.4% p.a 6% p.a
Time to Double Your Investment 4.8 Years 9 Years 7.7 Years 12 Years
Investment Horizon As little as 3 months Years Varies Varies
Low Correlation to Other Asset Classes
Regular Monthly Income
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Shariah Compliance
Funding Souq offers Shariah-compliant investment and financing solutions. We are dedicated to following Islamic principles, with a Sharia Supervisory Board ensuring compliance.

Certified by Dar Al Sharia

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Supporting Local SMEs
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Working in the diesel trading industry requires continuous maintenance of our premises to ensure safety of our operations. In the pandemic our cashflows got affected and we reached out to Funding Souq. The team was very quick and transparent in responding to our needs.

Arbab Kamal Ahmad,CEO

Shining Star Diesel
Business Image

Our vision is to expand and provide logistic services all around the world. For our UAE operations, Funding Souq has been a reliable funding partner as they quickly acted on our finance need. I look forward to working with Funding Souq in the future again.

Freight Move Logistics,CEO

Tinil Mukkalitharayil Markose
Business Image

This is the third time we borrow from Funding Souq and overall the experience has been positive. The funds helped us secure a large project that really moved the needle for our company.

Pansoft Technologies,CEO

Mohammed Nazim Shaikh
Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Souq is a crowdfunding platform that connects established businesses with investors. The platform uses technology to connect both parties through the principle of crowdfunding, - i.e. raising small amounts of funds from many individuals.

Yes, Funding Souq is committed to offering investment and borrowing opportunities that align with the principles of Shariah. We are certified by Dar Al Sharia, a subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank. To view our Sharia certificated you can click here.

Step into a world where profits, security, and SME growth go hand in hand. Our platform provides data-backed investments, diverse opportunities, and a nurturing environment for small and medium enterprises.

Empowering Investors with Intelligent Solutions!

1. Monthly Passive Income: Discover smart investing with monthly repayments, offering you a steady passive income. with options for automated investment, helping to maximize your returns. 

2.  Investing For All: making it easy, accessible, and exciting fo everyone!

3. Diverse Opportunities: Gain exclusive access to attractive markets in the UAE, KSA. Our platform connects you to a variety of diverse investment opportunities.

4. Data-Driven Decisions: Make smarter investment choices with our data-driven approach to assessing SME lending risks and enhancing credit model performance.

Supporting SMEs Towards Unprecedented Growth!

1.  Quick Funding Approval: With our 3-day funding approval process, take your first step towards securing your business growth.

2. Affordable, Customized Rates: We offer competitive, customized rates tailored to your needs, supporting your business's growth with affordable financial solutions. 

3. Hassle-free Approach: No need to open a bank account. 
Choose Funding Souq for smart investment and empowered growth.

Funding Souq has the best in breed security features such as encryption, identity and access management, and network security. These features are applied across the whole platform from the holding of data, application access, web communications, and back office operations. We are committed to implement and continuously improve security-aware software development, operational management, and threat-mitigation practices that are essential to the strong protection of services and data.

The platform acts as a marketplace for investors looking to invest their money and businesses seeking funding. Investors can register on the website and if approved they will be allowed to deposit funds onto the platform or invest in businesses directly. As the businesses repay, the investor can choose whether to re-invest or withdraw their funds. Businesses seeking to borrow funds can go through the registration process and, if successful, will be asked to provide supporting documents. Once received, Funding Souq will conduct extensive due diligence on the underlying business and in turn either approve or reject the financing request. If approved, a fundraising campaign will be launched, and approved investors will have the option to finance the request. Conditional to the finance request being fully funded, the funds will be released and sent to the business. Funding Souq will manage the repayment process and facilitate installments made by the borrowers to the corresponding investors.

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