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UAE is top in FDI

Why the UAE is the Top of GCC’s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) ?

Jul 11, 2024
The UAE attracted a record $30.7 billion in foreign direct investment last year, more than any other GCC country. Even more impressive, it was the second largest destination wo
Conventional Insurance vs Takaful "Islamic Insurance"

Comparing Conventional Insurance and Takaful "Islamic Insurance"

Jul 10, 2024
When it comes to insurance, the differences between conventional insurance and takaful (Islamic insurance) aren’t commonly known. And that’s understandable, consider
Dilutive vs Non-Dilutive funding

Dilutive vs Non-Dilutive funding

Jun 25, 2024
There are many options companies can take when looking for funding, which they will need at various times during its growth. Debates in the boardrooms of startups usually hover aro
Crowdfunding Platforms in UAE

What are the different types Crowdfunding Platforms in the UAE?

Jun 20, 2024
Crowdfunding is a fairly simple concept: a large number of people pool together small bits of money to finance a larger goal. Its effect though has been revolutionary. Over the pas
REITs vs Islamic REITs

Conventional REITs vs. Islamic REITs, and the case for investing in them

Jun 13, 2024
As developments in Islamic finance grow, we’re seeing an increased adoption of financial instruments such as Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts (i-REITs). Since their laun
Halal Trading Strategies

Top 4 Halal Trading Strategies

Jun 11, 2024
In a previous entry, we looked at some common securities trading strategies and explored how and why some of these strategies are considered “haram.” Just because th
shariah-compliant stocks trade

Guiding principles & tools of the shariah-compliant stocks trade

Jun 04, 2024
Shariah-compliant investing is seeing an increased demand over the past few decades. Over the past 10 years alone, the global Islamic funds market has grown by more than 300% reach
securities trading strategies

Why many common securities trading strategies are considered haram?

May 26, 2024
Trading equities (or any security) in Islam is a complicated subject, primarily because the threshold for what is considered a legitimate security to trade in from the Shariah-comp
Small business loans in UAE

Understanding Business Loans For Your Start-up in UAE

May 21, 2024
The UAE is a fantastic place to launch a business and scale it up. A flurry of government initiatives to promote SMEs are making it easier (and cheaper) than ever.The trick is ofte

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