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Earn regular income up to 15% per year

Sharia compliant investing in small business finance.

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Balanced Auto-investing
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13%-15% p.a.
Finance a range of creditworthy businesses to build a balanced portfolio. Our system will limit your investment per business to just 10% of your total portfolio.
Balanced Auto-investing is designed for investors who aim to achieve the highest possible returns from the available opportunities.
Receive and reinvest your monthly repayments to boost your returns up to 15% per year.
Conservative Auto-investing
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10% p.a.
Our system will limit your investment per business to just 5% of your total portfolio. This would decrease the probability of loss but also decrease your potential return as the investing process will take longer.
Conservative Auto-investing is designed for investors whose priority is capital preservation as opposed to making the most of all available opportunities.
Receive and reinvest your monthly repayments to boost your returns up to 10% per year.
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How it works
Funding Souq is a crowdfunding platform that connects established businesses with SMEs that are looking to borrow. FAQs
Investing with Funding Souq
Private Credit
via Funding Souq
Real Estate
Stock Market
High Yield Sukuk or Bonds
Target Net Returns 15% p.a 8% p.a 9.4% p.a 6% p.a
Time to Double Your Investment 4.8 Years 9 Years 7.7 Years 12 Years
Regular Monthly Income
Low Correlation to Other Asset Classes
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Shariah Compliance
At Funding Souq, our core values revolve around offering investment and borrowing opportunities that align with the principles of Shariah. We attained our certification from Dar Al Sharia which is a subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank. To ensure our commitment to these principles, our in-house Sharia Supervisory Board diligently evaluates each investment opportunity, conducting regular reviews of our processes. For more details, you can access our certificate by clicking here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Auto-Investing is a feature that allows you to invest your available funds in a hassle-free manner. If enabled, our system will automatically allocate your recently deposited funds or your repayments into live opportunities on the Marketplace. There are 2 types of Auto-Investing strategies, Balanced and Conservative, and these are designed to maximize your returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Yes, it can be deactivated and activated on the Investment Settings page at any time.

The returns displayed on our platform are presented net of any applicable fees. This means that the presented return is what you should expect to achieve.

Once an investment is made, it cannot be canceled. We encourage all our investors to carefully consider their investment choices and ensure that they are comfortable with the terms and conditions before making a commitment.

Most of our investments are structured to provide monthly payouts, including the principal and the profit. This means that as an investor, you can expect to receive regular payments each month that comprise a portion of your initial investment (the principal) along with the profit earned on that investment.

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