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REITs vs Islamic REITs

Conventional REITs vs. Islamic REITs, and the case for investing in them

Jun 13, 2024
As developments in Islamic finance grow, we’re seeing an increased adoption of financial instruments such as Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts (i-REITs). Since their laun
Halal Trading Strategies

Top 4 Halal Trading Strategies

Jun 11, 2024
In a previous entry, we looked at some common securities trading strategies and explored how and why some of these strategies are considered “haram.” Just because th
shariah-compliant stocks trade

Guiding principles & tools of the shariah-compliant stocks trade

Jun 04, 2024
Shariah-compliant investing is seeing an increased demand over the past few decades. Over the past 10 years alone, the global Islamic funds market has grown by more than 300% reach
SME Tax Incentives in KSA

SME Tax Incentives and Regulatory Relief in Saudi Arabia

May 31, 2024
Saudi tax policy jumped into the headlines recently when the kingdom announced its Regional Headquarters Initiative, an ambitious plan to lure multinationals by offering a 30-year
securities trading strategies

Why many common securities trading strategies are considered haram?

May 26, 2024
Trading equities (or any security) in Islam is a complicated subject, primarily because the threshold for what is considered a legitimate security to trade in from the Shariah-comp
Halal Stock Screening

Screening for “Halal” stocks and how to purify them?

May 13, 2024
As Islamic finance becomes ever more prominent and wealth grows in Islamic countries, questions over the validity of a particular investment or financial instrument are also on the
 Nominal  vs. Real Investment Returns

Measuring Nominal vs. Real Investment Returns

Apr 30, 2024
Savvy investors don’t just look at the interest rate on their investments. To make sense of how much your money is actually growing, you’ll need to understand the diffe
Halal Dividend Investment

All You Need To Know About Halal Dividend Investment

Apr 22, 2024
What is a dividend? Dividends are essentially loyalty rewards for shareholders. Companies that issue them are paying out a small portion of profits to investors. They can pay o
Halal Cyrpto Investing

How Halal Are Cryptocurrencies?

Apr 22, 2024
Cryptocurrencies have seen substantial growth since the emergence of Bitcoin back in 2009. Over time, and as the value of crypto assets continued to grow (particularly since the

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