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SME Tax Incentives in KSA

SME Tax Incentives and Regulatory Relief in Saudi Arabia

May 31, 2024
Saudi tax policy jumped into the headlines recently when the kingdom announced its Regional Headquarters Initiative, an ambitious plan to lure multinationals by offering a 30-year
SMEs Financing Program in KSA

Saudi Arabia's SME Financing Programs

Apr 15, 2024
Are SMEs the future of Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia has been pouring immense resources into growing its base of SMEs. It’s part of a fast-moving bid to transform the kingdo
SMEs Collateral Assessment

Collateral Assessment: How Lenders Evaluate and Determine Loan Eligibility for SMEs

Apr 06, 2024
When banks evaluate whether to extend a small business loan, it’s often more art than science. Unlike large companies, which can present banks with years of audited financial

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